What’s cooking with: Coffentropy & Poca

The following article features a set of Q&A with a lady very dear to my heart, even if I don’t know her personally. She is a ray of realistic sunshine and has the cutest alias: Coffentropy (you had my heart instantly with this one) drum roll please for the one, only and original: Irina Rusu. And that’s not all, besides being all that she is also the cool owner of the cutest, most expressive dog named Poca. It’s impossible to resist this duo. So enjoy this month: What’s cooking with Coffentropy & Poca!

AM: Who is Irina in the kitchen?

IR: I’m either a very passionate, curious and excited home cook, either I just get it done, with no pleasure whatsoever. I usually do the cooking in our home and it’s because I work from home and I have “more time” to do it. I enjoy cooking when I have time for it, and that rarely happens, let me tell you. But sometimes, when I see a fun recipe, or I have a lot of time on my hands, to cook & clean the mess, it’s a rather pleasurable activity. So, to answer your question, I like to think of my cooking as creative and practical at the same time.

AM: What makes you cook and not order take out?

IR: I don’t really enjoy take out. I think that only a few dishes can stand the “test” of a long bumpy road in a cardboard box. That being said, I do order take out food when I am too lazy to cook or get out of the house to buy restaurant food (some places have amazing options for delivery). I strongly believe that cooked at home food tastes better than a lot of options out there. Plus it’s a bit cheaper and more sustainable.

AM: Do you have any quirks in the kitchen?

IR: I don’t know if this counts, but I hate cooked onions and all cabbage related veggies. I truly love them raw… but cooked, never! I can stand the taste, but the texture is what drives me crazy. Even if I am very hungry, the moment I see a piece of cooked onion on my plate, I forget about the hunger. I’m fussy, I guess.

AM: Favourite dish to eat/favorite dish to make?

IR: I love making soups because usually, they take care of themselves :)) Independent little dishes they are. It’s easy, tasty, healthy and beautifully looking. I love broiled food. My husband is a master of that and I just enjoy a good plate of comfort food: potatoes with veggies. That’s at home, because in restaurants I have different standards :))

AM: Any tips for healthy eating and how to balance chocolate vs salad?

IR: Teach yourself to be mindful about food. When you really stop and enjoy that piece of chocolate, you eat it with respect and you don’t binge on it. All the “problems”, for me, arise when I don’t pay attention to how and what I eat. If you dedicate time and compassion to yourself when eating a meal, you will have a different mindset about it. No amount of “NO!”-s can make me eat less chocolate 🙂 I just need to treat my food and body with respect. Sweets and healthy food are not in a war zone. And salads… I just love salads 🙂

AM: And now an extra question Poca related :)) What does Poca eat usually and do you spoil her (with food/treats)?

IR: I cook for Poca because she is a fussy little dog. It’s usually a mix of meat (chicken, beef, pork, livers, hearts, you name it), vegetables and grains. She goes crazy for coconut oil and raw almonds. She loves food and when I step into the kitchen, she’s always there to “support” me 😀


You can find Irina & Poca( yes Poca has her own insta account) on:



Coffentropy on youtube



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